Hello and welcome to my online photo gallery.

My name is Atheana, I live in the UK (having been 'exported' back in '89 - courtesy of the ex - from the States where I grew up). Photography along with poetry ( is a great passion. I shoot more from instinct than technical savvy, trying to capture the beauty/interest/character I see and convey it through the photos I take.

I used to live in Israel where I had my own photography business which basically involved working in the hotels in Eilat, photographing the guests during the day and selling the photos in the evening. My favourite subject was the children, you could just never go wrong! I also used to do portfolios for would be models or for girls (and guys!) who just liked to have their photo taken.

As you will see from the numerous albums here, my subjects are wide ranging but if I had to pick my favourites they would be flowers, animals and nature. I also enjoy having fun with Adobe Photoshop in taking an ordinary photo and turning it into something a bit different (see the Creative Photography album).

Anyway, I've rabbitted on enough, time to let you go and have a mooch. Thank you for taking the time to visit my work, I do hope you get half the enjoyment viewing as I did taking.



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